Following up on a job application is always important

Following up on a job application is always important

Posted:Sep 10,2015

Upon submitting your job application, you’ll be tempted to call your hiring manager or send an email to check if he has gone through your information. You’ll never want to lose your information out in the cyber space. Again, you must know how to protect your reputation in the job market; following up on your job application very soon might just spoil your reputation. Following a systematic approach might allow you to move up the hiring process sooner than you expect. It’s important that you wait a little longer before you follow things up with your hiring manager. For a single job, a hiring manager may receive numerous applications as the job market is passing through a tough phase. These managers have to review a lot of information within a short period. Don’t get in touch with the hiring manager immediately after submitting your application, as it might reflect a certain degree of desperation. Wait for a week before you start following up on your application.

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