Few tech sectors are hiring more of late

Few tech sectors are hiring more of late

Posted:Sep 15,2015

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in US, some 7000 new positions have been gained by the tech consulting sector in August. The tech consulting sector has edged past 1600 openings created in other associated sectors like hosting and data processing. The electronics and computer sector is known to have lost around 1800 jobs in August. New openings for tech pros possessing data processing skills had shot up in August after only 800 fresh openings were created for this sector in July. However, the manufacturing sector has been witnessing a steady fall for a long time. The rate of unemployment in the tech sector has dropped from 3.4 percent to 2.9 percent in August. Such decline suggests a fall in the rate of general unemployment that came down to 5.1 percent in August from 5.3 percent in July.

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