HP to shift operations to low-cost locations

HP to shift operations to low-cost locations

Posted:Sep 17,2015

Hewlett-Packard has plans to shift employees to locations wherein the company can save more in terms of rents and explore untapped technical talent pools. It will allow the company to pay more in terms of salaries in its attempt to retain old employees. Whenever a company decides to shift its base, it’s quite common to take factors like staff attrition into consideration; a large section of its current workforce may not be willing to relocate. The decision to shift operations comes at a time when the enterprise sector of HP is likely to experience more than 33,000 job cuts following about 55,000 layoffs that had been planned before. Shifting to a different state or city is an important decision for a majority of tech pros as it often leaves a huge impact on their personal lives. Professionals possessing advanced tech skills are likely to find more opportunities in big cities than in small townships. That’s one reason why the professionals residing in a metropolis don’t wish to relocate so easily.

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