iOS 9 leads developers through an inevitable crisis

iOS 9 leads developers through an inevitable crisis

Posted:Sep 22,2015

Web publishers and developers have been driven towards a crisis following the release of iOS 9. The fact that this OS is capable of blocking ads on mobile websites has been a major reason behind such crisis. Many of these websites rely on ads for generating revenue; blocking them means generating less revenue and pushing content producers in a tight spot. For website owners that rely on revenues based on ads, the apocalypse hasn't been caused yet. Content may be absorbed by numerous other platforms besides iOS 9, till they start following Apple's lead. Website revenue is often the primary cause of concern for a number of tech pros. Its possible for them to check the arrival of their target audience through iOS by running analytics. It might even help them execute some of their shelved plans for generating additional revenue. A certain point of inflection will show up in the horizon even when the ad market isn't looking so implosive.

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