Developers focus on updating skills

Developers focus on updating skills

Posted:Sep 23,2015

Keeping skills updated has been a cause of concern for developers that build software for their living. A majority of these developers utilize open-source software, learn new technologies and claim to be autodidacts. According the latest researches performed by IDC, a few of the new and upcoming trends have been brought to light of late. About 850 developers have responded to the survey commissioned by ADA and performed by IDC professionals. This is only a small cross-section when it comes to comparing the number of participants with the population of global developers, but it takes into account views shared by millions of them very easily. Few of the highlights of this survey include the presence of 68 percent of developers possessing experiences worth 5 years or more. While taking the advent of technology into account, around 57% clearly expressed their willingness to stay updated. Around 75% of those surveyed have expressed their inclination towards using open-source platforms. Again, about 83% of the participants described themselves as “Self-dependent” as they are more eager to seek assistance from major search engines and experts associated with online forums.

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