Displaced workers must consider their severance package

Displaced workers must consider their severance package

Posted:Sep 30,2015

The fleeting nature of job security is projected even in a stable economy. Your employer won’t take much time in taking you to the conference room and getting the “separation agreement” signed by you. Such situations don’t offer much leverage to the displaced workers. However, it is advisable that these workers continue negotiating a severance package that’s beneficial to them. There are a few things that you need to consider before you accept a severance package. Don’t put your signature on anything that you haven’t read carefully. A waiver of claims may keep the separation agreement from acting in your best interest. That’s why you’re advised not to put your signature on anything right on spot. In order to consider a severance agreement, an employee needs to go through it very carefully. You’ll need time to recover from the shock and develop your strategy. You may utilize your signature for bargaining as your employer will always try to edge past lawsuits and claims.

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