Facts on Interviewing Automation Test Engineers

Facts on Interviewing Automation Test Engineers

Posted:Oct 05,2015

Hiring an Automation Test Engineer requires an interviewer to conduct a number of phone screenings. An automation test engineer has to perform the critical task of creating various automation solutions and testing them. A candidate is hired only when he succeeds in all technical questions in person. The exact time for creating an automation solution and checking it out will depend on the understanding of an engineer. Whether an automation engineer possesses the right skills to test things manually is what the interviewer needs to know ahead of other things. It’s of real importance for an interviewer to ask questions in relation to automation while determining the value of a candidate. This in turn will give the job-seeker a hint regarding the interviewer’s knowledge. Test cases need to be read out by a job seeker while he’s attending a video interview. In comparison, an in-person interview might require him to write test cases in the white board.

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