Communication skills to be highlighted in resumes

Communication skills to be highlighted in resumes

Posted:Oct 14,2015

Effective communication is of great importance for any profession. Instead of claiming your capacity to communicate effectively, it’s in your interest to utilize your resume space efficiently. All of us are acquainted with confidential memos, public presentations besides written or oral forms of communication. A complicated argument or any simple text message may surface according to the situation. You may possess communication skills that prove more effective towards dealing with irate customers or updating any dynamic spreadsheet. Employees should take the hint from their superiors regarding how to communicate about a certain topic. Employees are bound to get motivated when they acquire a bigger picture, consequences, potential rewards and a sense of urgency. Efforts of all members in a team need to be conveyed to the top management. Updating superiors regarding your challenges, roadblocks and achievements is an absolute necessity.

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