Tech pros with chip-designing skills are in demand

Tech pros with chip-designing skills are in demand

Posted:Oct 16,2015

The chip designing field demands high-end tech pros possessing degrees in computer engineering or electrical engineering. Such professionals should also have experience in the fields of computer architecture and low power designs, CMOS, SRAM, physical design (SOC and CPU), SRAM design, VLSI. Apart from possessing quality programming skills like Python and Perl, tech pros involved in chip designing must possess adequate knowledge in hardware description and logic design. Courses on chip designing for devices like convertible 2-in-1s, tablets and smart-phones are now offered by a few renowned institutions. It really helps those individuals that wish to get into the mobile tech industry and follow the latest trends. One of the best chip manufacturers might approach you when you possess the right experience and skill sets. Chip designing pros constitute a vital segment of tech companies that indulge in silicon designing within their own premises.

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