Can the tech pros make android happen on your PC?

Can the tech pros make android happen on your PC?

Posted:Nov 04,2015

Google had plans to merge Chrome and Android operating systems. Google apps form the basis of a lightweight OS like Chrome. When it comes to the global PC market, the most economical segment was targeted by the Chrome-books, which are laptops running the initial version of Chrome. The Chrome Book Pixel is one of the more advanced devices released by Google of late. Merging of operating systems is certainly a big deal for developers. PCs that you mostly use are yet to run android, although this OS is currently dominating the tablet and smart-phone market. Chrome OS developed by Google is yet to catch the lion’s share of market held by Microsoft’s Windows, but it has created a considerable dent in the recent times. However, the use of android as an OS that supports your laptop will change the way you look at PCs.

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