Python claims more grounds over PHP

Python claims more grounds over PHP

Posted:Nov 18,2015

Java is holding the top spot among all programming languages shown in this month’s list. Developers have always been interested in this programming language, but some of them are now showing keen interest in other programming languages too. During the last five years, some of these languages have become more popular. While on one hand, Python has gained an edge worth 5%, PHP has lost grounds by 5% during this period. The frequency of accessing language tutorials by developers is indicated by Google in an effective manner. The tech industry is well aware of the fact that Python is a programming language that’s being used for the last 25 years. The main attributes that enhance Python’s popularity are its purposefulness, capacity to run across multiple platforms, simplicity to learn and extending support towards building communities. To some developers, Python seems more efficient in helping you improve the features of your website.

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