Tech pros are spending long hours at work

Tech pros are spending long hours at work

Posted:Nov 20,2015

Industry experts have thrown some light on the number of extra hours that the tech pros are spending at the work front. In comparison to part-time employees that are spending 21 hours at work, a majority of full-time tech pros are working for over 50 hours every week. Out of all employees that are putting over 40 hours each week, about 18 percent of them are spending around 60 hours. Unless compensated adequately, tech pros may find it difficult to remain happy under tough conditions. The top management will see making certain changes as inevitable when they’re able to read these long hours as red flags. The number of help-desk personnel associated with an organization and the number of hours that they put to work are correlated directly. Fewer working hours have been noticed in companies that tend to have more employees than usual. Addressing issues reported by the end users is one of the major causes of headaches experienced by any tech support staff.

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