No Keyword stuffing for resumes

No Keyword stuffing for resumes

Posted:Nov 24,2015

Numerous cover letters and resumes have been flooding the desks of HR staffers through the past one decade. It seemed an uphill task for them to scan through resumes of all sorts within a stipulated time. When it became so difficult to select candidates, the automated software seemed to resolve all issues for good. Now it takes only a fraction of a second to eliminate records of unqualified candidates through manual sorting. This automated software has to rely on keywords for sorting resumes. Both your resume and cover letter must possess the keywords that seem relevant to your industry. If you’re seeking any programming job that involves ‘JavaScript’, then you must specify it as a keyword. At the same time, you’ll need to avoid keyword stuffing. Your resume will draw the attention of irrelevant employers when you don’t place the right keywords in it or when you place a few wrong keywords. You must only place keywords referring to skill sets that you’ve mastered over time.

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