Swift Open-source to be introduced by Apple

Swift Open-source to be introduced by Apple

Posted:Dec 08,2015

A Swift open-source has recently been created by Apple. The documentation and source code can now be availed by visiting Swift.org. If you wish to play around with this platform, you must acquire knowledge on its initial loading times and other minute details. In case you wish to access the Swift code in a different way, you may consider visiting the GitHub repository. In order to gather more knowledge on Swift 3.0 (the next version), you must also visit the GitHub pages. Both the binary interface (ABI) and the standard library may be stabilized with the introduction of Swift 3.0. Swift 2.x needs to undergo a few changes to be able to achieve the futuristic goals of this language. Apart from the generics, Swift 3.0 will contribute towards setting additional API design guidelines, refining and focusing on the language, stating documentation and cleaning up besides focusing on portability.

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