Few body language mistakes committed by job seekers

Few body language mistakes committed by job seekers

Posted:Dec 22,2015

Job seekers tend to lose opportunities by committing a few mistakes while attending interviews in-person. Here we have a list of mistakes that you often commit in front of your interviewer - Bad Handshake Holding your interviewer’s palm strongly proves your personality to be a bit dominating. It might even reflect some amount of insecurity on your side. A natural handshake won’t project an additional need to feel powerful. It’s in your interest to wait till your interviewer extends his hand. Wrong Posture Your posture is really important for attending job interviews. Your interview actually begins as soon as you sit in the waiting room. Standing or sitting tall is really important for projecting confidence. Make sure your chest remains protruded, shoulders and ears remain aligned and the neck remains elongated. In order to acquire more confidence and feel stronger, our brain needs a change in chemicals. Due to this position, factors like vitality, strength and credibility contribute to our outward appearance. Sweating Profusely An interviewer can’t feel good about shaking hands with a jobseeker that has sweaty palms. Get your wrists under cool water for a few minutes before your attend the interview. Clammy palms project some amount of insecurity. You must shake hands with dry palms. Not Maintaining Eye Contact Maintain eye contact appropriately. It reflects some amount of insecurity when you can’t provide the right answer to your interviewer. The way you’re being perceived by your interviewer might cause you to gain or lose job. You can’t look deceptive in front of your interviewer. Fidgeting Your interviewer may often get distracted due to fidgeting like touching your face or displacing your hair. It reflects self-soothing whenever you touch your hair or face during the course of your interview. Looking Uninterested or Distracted Crossing or uncrossing the legs of a jobseeker makes him look uninterested or distracted just in the way when he shifts in his chair. Nodding your head gives out a positive impression when you lean forward and tilt your head in response to your interviewer’s proposal. Lack of Smile Much of your warmth, openness, energy and confidence are demonstrated by smiling. You’ll look aloof or grim when you don’t smile. Your listener smiles back when you smile at him.

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