Virtual Reality to rule the tech world in 2016

Virtual Reality to rule the tech world in 2016

Posted:Jan 08,2016

The long wait to apply Virtual Reality has turned real in 2016. The VR technology is all set to rule the tech ground with firms like Samsung and HTC taking the initiative. The next few months are bound to witness an efficient application of this technology with new headsets to be launched by Samsung and Facebook. Virtual reality enables a user to interact with an imaginary or real world by simulating a physical presence. Few sensory experiences that haven’t been experienced earlier are created by VR artificially. These experiences allow the user to touch, hear, smell and see things that he could’ve only imagined earlier. A VR device makes it easier for you to feel as if you’re moving up the Mt. Everest while you aren’t looking beneath. In reality, you may be sitting in a couch within the comfort of your own home. Many of the leading tech firms have assigned VR device development tasks to a large section of their workforce.

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