Buyers continue showing more interest in Phablets

Buyers continue showing more interest in Phablets

Posted:Jan 05,2016

Consumers are still showing interest on Phablets and this is reflected in the latest data fetched by various analytics firms. The rising demand for new devices (depicted by the global market) has projected a fresh activation of phablets constituting 27 percent of new device activation. Such activation include the Galaxy range of Samsung phones, iPhone 6S Plus and other extra-large smart-phones. In a sharp contrast to the percentage of device activation in 2013 (4 percent), the percentage of phablet activation has risen considerably. The recent months have shown figures proving a rise in users that are replacing smaller phones with larger handsets. The market shows a mere 3 percent share for small phones. Demand for the form factor is expected to drop further in 2016. Considering the new trend of phablets, the smart-phone developers ought to make the most of handsets depicting extra-large screens. The manufacturers of smart phones need to work on a pre-set budget and plan in advance if they wish to launch new apps during the holidays.

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