US economy gets strengthened by the mobile apps

US economy gets strengthened by the mobile apps

Posted:Jan 11,2016

The beginning of 2016 is likely to see a steady growth of the US economy through creation of 1.66 million new jobs. This is a fact, which has already been proven by the recent studies performed by industry researchers. This new growth is likely to see the creation of some 750,000 new opportunities as compared to 2013. The app economy has begun showing signs of improvement since 2007 although the Apple store was launched in July 2008. It took less than a decade for a brand new industry to be created by the App store and iOS. Both in terms of speed and expansion, the global economy has been strengthened by this innovation within a very short period of time. Jobs within the app economy involve phones running the leading operating systems - Windows Phones (3%), Blackberry (6%), Android (70%) and iOS (87%). The work of developers often includes a number of multiple OS ecosystems simultaneously, thus summing up the total to over 100 percent.

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