Make the most of social media in your job search

Make the most of social media in your job search

Social Media has turned out to be a great support for IT jobseekers. Most of these networks can help them compare relevant IT opportunities.

Posted:Jan 14,2016

Searching for a tech job turns more effective when a jobseeker uses social media to get in touch with HR staffers and recruiters. At the same your efforts may prove futile when you’re currently employed; chances are there that your current employer may track those connections and know your intentions. You may owe an explanation to your current HR manager in this regard. In your attempt to look for the most relevant jobs, you must consider the impact of social networks like Twitter and Facebook. It’s a fact that more than 90 percent of employers use social networking platforms while searching for industry experts. Social media can actually be used in various ways while pursuing a job search, although it may sound risky to some of you. The cover is removed once you share your interest in new IT opportunities over social media. You must plan the way you want things to be in advance.

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