Big Data Processing turns smoother with Intel DAAL

Big Data Processing turns smoother with Intel DAAL

The service component of DAAL helps you gain control over threads and deal with memory issues.

Posted:Jan 18,2016

Human activities generate data in great amounts on a regular basis. Such data can be described by using a generic term like Big Data. The current growth stands at 2.5 quintillion bytes a day, which signifies a continuous annual acceleration of both structured and unstructured forms of data. Every year some 9.125 million petabytes are consumed by the domestic users. Regardless of whether you’re a self-reliant developer or company, you’re bound to experience a tough challenge even as you process a small fraction of data. However, you may consider doing this by following the underneath methods. Two of these methods involve utilization of hardware and the remaining ones make use of the Intel Data Analytics Acceleration Library (DAAL). Out of several functions, the service component of DAAL helps your program in controlling the count of threads and in dealing with memory issues.

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