Edge JavaScript engine is all set to turn open-source

Edge JavaScript engine is all set to turn open-source

Microsoft has decided to turn the Chakra javascript engine into open-source. It has been shared in their official blog.

Posted:Jan 19,2016

The Chakra Javascript engine is likely to be turned into an open-source by Microsoft very soon. Edge, their latest browser is under-girded by it. A GitHub repository uses an MIT license to provide access for ChakraCore. A post in the official Microsoft blog shares information on this Javascript engine that’s supported and provided by the repository. The Edge Chakra engine also shares identical characteristics. Microsoft Edge can be boosted by ChakraCore as it utilizes help from the community. Windows 10 copies are being shipped with Microsoft Edge. The latest release allows developers to use Windows 7 SP1 (and other advanced versions) alongside Visual Studio 2015 in combination with C++ for developing ChakraCore. At the same time, Microsoft is inclined towards engaging Linux and a few other platforms.

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