Tech opportunities claim a major share of US jobs in 2016

Tech opportunities claim a major share of US jobs in 2016

Tech jobs rank higher among all new US employment opportunities in 2016. Data scientist positions have successfully edged past other positions in the recent times.

Posted:Jan 20,2016

Tech jobs constitute the first 10 positions of the top 25 US employment opportunities for 2016. In comparison to other industries, the tech industry projects a trend that proves similar to that of the last year. Tech jobs demand skills on data analysis and coding and make it necessary for a professional to enhance his technical knowledge. Past three consecutive years didn’t show a trend that placed the top five tech companies within the list of top 10. Data scientists hold the leading tech positions; while the second position is held by the Solutions Architect, the third position is held by the Mobile Developer. Industry reports on this subject are mostly based on the general perception of employees. A minimum of 75 US career ratings and about 75 wage reports were considered in this case. Job postings for the past three months were taken into account while considering openings for each job title.

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