How to find entry-level tech jobs in the US

How to find entry-level tech jobs in the US

Finding entry-level jobs in IT is no more a nightmare. In comparison to the last one year more opportunities are opening up for fresh entrants.

Posted:Jan 21,2016

Few of the recent industry hiring surveys have projected that a majority of entry-level jobseekers are hired by over 27% of recruitment managers. In comparison to the hiring percentage of 2014, there has been a hike worth 9%. A little over 60% of HR staffers have expressed their eagerness to hire candidates showing experience worth 4 years or more. It projects an upsurge worth 8 points as compared to the previous year. For those that are setting their feet in the tech arena for the first time it certainly sounds as good news. In comparison, those of you who have participated in a few interesting projects and depict key skills in spite of being an entry-level worker will actually need to prove your worth to prospective employers. Entry-level jobseekers must understand that their resumes won’t show too many experiences initially. That’s one reason why they’ll need to continue updating their resumes upon acquiring fresh skills from time to time. This way, the entry-level workers might succeed in edging past other jobseekers.

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