Stepping into Virtual Reality can be easier for developers

Stepping into Virtual Reality can be easier for developers

Virtual Reality will certainly make it easier for developers to find more IT jobs in USA. In order to set the right foot forward, developers need to upgrade their skills from time to time.

Posted:Feb 04,2016

You must acquire a few specific skills if you wish to become a virtual reality application developer. The first thing that comes to mind is graphics programming. You’ll need to be familiar with the SDKs possessed by Virtual Reality companies. Windows 10 is supported by the SDK 0.8 possessed by Oculus. There’s also an SDK for Google Cardboard, which makes it necessary for you to gain more knowledge on OpenGL. In comparison to developers that support real world screens with advanced software, those working on VR need to consider a list of other factors besides gaining more knowledge on certain SDKs and programming languages. Besides ensuring the visual and audio sync up, simultaneous rendering, 3D calibration and head tracking are involved in VR development tasks. Instead of being a simple programming matter, it’s more about identifying the nature of software. Virtual Reality developers gain an edge when they possess more knowledge on mobile application development. More development opportunities are bound to be created with smaller companies as the biggies like Facebook and Google are venturing into this new space.

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