UX skills are important for the data scientists

UX skills are important for the data scientists

Data scientists are acquiring advanced UX skills to explore fresh opportunities. They have contributed much towards the development of our analytics platform.

Posted:Feb 10,2016

The decision-making segments of various classes of businesses have adapted to the process of data integration in the recent times. That’s one reason why dashboards are being chosen by a large section of end-users. These users are gradually getting used to the detailed information provided by the analytics software. With the advent of this analytics platform, data scientists are getting more inclined towards knowing how data shared within an organization can be used effectively by all employees. Presentations that look more engaging and accurate are in demand with the data scientists. They don’t need to gain expertise on this; all that they need to understand are the properties of presentation. UX demands considerable difference in thought processes and it poses a bit of challenge for data scientists in terms of effectiveness and accuracy of presentation. Under many circumstances, data scientists work hand in hand with the UX researchers. That’s one reason why it has become all the more important for these professionals to understand how data science can be complemented by UX.

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