Tech pros are fetching highest salaries

Tech pros are fetching highest salaries

IT and software professionals in the US have claimed better salary packages than others involved in key job roles during 2015. Knowledge of a few hot technologies is keeping them ahead of time.

Posted:Feb 11,2016

Tech pros in the US have earned $95,000 on an average by the end of 2015. Few of them are drawing even more than their average annual income depending on their geographical position, skill-set and expertise. Salaries worth 6 figures have even been drawn by professionals that have gained experience in hotter technologies associated with data and cloud analytics. Few of the highest packages have been offered to tech pros residing in NY City and San Francisco. In comparison to consultants that earned above $120,000 during the previous year, the range of salary achieved by full-time employees seemed to widen and cross $90,000 on an average. Experts even projected a hike worth 5.3% in terms of rate-per-hour offered to consultants in 2015. Factors like skills and experience of tech pros are reflected in their job titles, which play a key role in determining their payouts. While some of the tech pros achieving better packages are involved in key technical roles (e.g. system security), rest are involved in key managerial roles in the recent times.

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