Microsoft hires people with autism under their pilot program

Microsoft hires people with autism under their pilot program

Microsoft has taken a huge leap forward by including autism patients within its workforce. Professionals that can take this opportunity are likely to serve in various technical capacities.

Posted:Feb 12,2016

According to a number of hiring experts, some 80% of individuals suffering from Autism Spectrum Disorder aren’t employed but can serve full-time opportunities in various industries. Chances are likely that they will pursue jobs in fields like mathematics, computer science and technology. In April 2015, Microsoft had announced its plan of hiring tech professionals with autism under a pilot program. In doing so, the software giant is seeking assistance from Specialisterne, a company that guides Autism sufferers in securing jobs. Since then, Microsoft has included 11 Autism patients within their workforce. Currently, the company is inviting more of such applications and their blog depicts a positive attitude. In order to expand the workforce, the company had to adopt a more flexible hiring policy of late. The interviews conducted by Microsoft in this regard enable candidates to earn competitive salaries in full-time opportunities.

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