Apple to find a patch for the 1970 bug very soon

Apple to find a patch for the 1970 bug very soon

For the iPhone users it seems to be the end of a long waiting period. They will no longer have to let their phones run out of charge or remove the batteries.

Posted:Feb 16,2016

For those of you who have experienced the 1970 bug, a ray of hope seems to emerge from nowhere as Apple works on the update. Unix time assumes the first date to be 01/01/1970. Whenever the iPhone users set the date to 01/01/1970, the bug caused their phones to crash. A retro logo of Apple was shown to them. The issue couldn’t even be resolved by Apple experts that belong to their Genius bars. Unix is one of the primary reasons why the iPhone gets affected by such change in date. A single integer depicts time in iPhones as the number of seconds that passed since 01/01/1970. Resetting time to 1st January assumes the value to be worth zero; time before this date is shown as a negative number, which actually crashes the iPhone. Although Apple hasn’t confirmed such time resetting to be a reason behind this crash, their experts are on their way to find a permanent solution to this problem.

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