5G to reach users faster than they think

5G to reach users faster than they think

There's good news for a majority of us who believe it's yet to take years before we may actually witness the 5G features.

Posted:Feb 22,2016

5G connectivity is likely to be deployed globally by the end of 2020. From 2017 onward, the 3G and 4G users are bound to see more action in this regard. All specific needs that are to be fulfilled by 5G have already been identified by both service providers and users. This goes in sharp contrast with the ideas they had while 3G and 4G technologies were deployed. The primary needs of deploying 5G services include an enhanced capability of connecting a cell to multiple devices, lower latency while communicating from one vehicle to another and high speed in virtual reality and video presentation. A specified path is to be followed by the standard, although other relevant implementations are to be completed very soon. Much of the 5G deployment pace will be enhanced by networking based on cloud technology and other relevant software technologies.

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