Oracle is considering the inclusion of Java EE 8

Oracle is considering the inclusion of Java EE 8

Proposals to include Java EE 8 are now being considered by Oracle, although the company has explained why it will take more time to

Posted:Feb 23,2016

Oracle is yet to consider proposals on whether it should include Java EE 8 by the end of 2017. Among things that are currently under consideration, there are certain security capabilities, Model-View Controller and HTTP/2. The Java enterprise version has been featured under the Java WebLogic Server and other Java application servers. The previous releases have helped developers in maintaining the demand for backward compatibility support. The current Java EE release has themes equivalent to Java EE 7; this includes simplicity of improving infrastructure of apps based cloud technology besides CDI development. Developers also checked out cutting-back capabilities besides switching the status to “proposed optional”, so that these capabilities hold good for the time. Java EE 9 will provide the developers with the option of including Enterprise JavaBeans 2 and Corba, which is a must for Java EE 8.

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