Apple to launch a much smaller iPad Pro

Apple to launch a much smaller iPad Pro

Apple is all set to launch their latest iPad Pro, which is worth 9.7 inch.

Posted:Feb 26,2016

One of Apple’s latest events points to the launch of iPad Pro, their latest product, which is worth 9.7 inch and varies from their other products like iPad Air 3. In comparison to their 12.9 inch tablet that was launched in November, Apple has tagged their latest iPad tablet in the iPad Pro category. Their naming concept proves effective keeping with the RAM, processor and four speakers that are similar to the other iPad Pro. It can even be combined with the Apple Pencil. The new iPad depicts a much smaller keyboard and resembles their iPad Air 2 in price. A press event has been arranged for March 15 when Apple is set to launch both the iPhone 5se and iPad Pro. They will start selling the device within a very short span of time. Apple has plans to lower the size of a few of their other devices as well. Your long cherished dream of using a smart keyboard with portable smart device is going to be realized soon.

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