Underwater data centers deployed by Microsoft to enhance performance

Underwater data centers deployed by Microsoft to enhance performance

Posted:Feb 29,2016

A prototype data center has been developed by Microsoft Research at a distance from the California coast. Computers worth thousands are utilized by a specific data center; all of these computers are likely to be cooled down by seawater under the Project Natick. According to a few eminent researchers, the process of delivering data is likely to gain momentum with the inclusion of underwater data centers. Pushing the new data centers closer to the ocean seems to be a sensible decision as it shortens the distance been Microsoft’s customers and their actual cables. A number of advanced technologies are incorporated in the current underwater capsule of Microsoft. They are using liquid Hydrogen for cooling off the computer chips. The research team was always hopeful about placing the capsules on the seafloor and empowering the global Internet Usage without having the need to worry about maintenance. Various Press Releases have confirmed the fact that the team needs to procure materials that have undergone considerable technical improvement of late.

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