Verizon rolls out Marshmallow update for Droid phones

Verizon rolls out Marshmallow update for Droid phones

Droid Turbo 2 users are soon to explore a whole new world of possibilities with the launch of Marshmallow.

Posted:Mar 02,2016

In a sharp contrast to their earlier Android updates, Verizon users are looking forward to a faster roll out of Marshmallow with their Droid Turbo 2 handsets. The new roll out is set to follow the footsteps of Moto X Pure, which promises the introduction of more advanced features for all android fans. The latest gen Moto X models show a close resemblance to the configuration of Droid Turbo 2. Although Verizon presents much of the details on their update page, the users are already aware of the Android 6.0 updates. It’s due to the size that the devices are likely to acquire this update over a Wifi network. While using the update option, a user needs to ensure that he’s using a charged battery. Now you can wait and watch as Marshmallow gets rolled out in waves.

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