Augmented and virtual realities make things look more interesting for all

Augmented and virtual realities make things look more interesting for all

Developers have often shown keen interest in the differences between augmented and virtual realities. The cutting edge benefits of these technologies are helping us in differentiating different devices.

Posted:Mar 03,2016

Augmented and virtual realities have witnessed a great week of late. A pre-order amount worth $799 will get you the HTC VR headset. By the end of this month, Microsoft is also likely to ship their augmented-reality tool called HoloLens. Against a stiff competition posed by Oculus Rift, the HTC Vive is trying hard to survive within the high-end VR market. The Oculus Rift is currently being sold for $600. Apart from the head of a user, this device is also able to detect his body unlike other devices that come under virtual-reality offers. Apps and games are bound to look more attractive due to such advanced detection capability caused by innovate software. A number of engines that help in developing games like Unreal Engine 4 and Unity3D will help developers consider the SteamVR plugin. The OpenVR API introduces the developing environment that doesn’t involve the SteamVR SDK and the SDK of the hardware vendor. A large segment of the augmented reality market is likely to be claimed by HoloLens manufactured by Microsoft in comparison to Oculus Rift and HTC Vive that project cutting edge benefits of VR.

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