Amazon’s automation products help manage your smart-home devices

Amazon’s automation products help manage your smart-home devices

Amazon Tap and Echo Dot are here to turn your smart-home devices more efficient. You'll now be able to manage them more easily.

Posted:Mar 08,2016

The range of home automation products launched by Amazon in the recent past has expanded with the announcement of Amazon Tap and Echo Dot. These products are equipped to perform routine tasks by utilizing a voice recognition technology used by Amazon Echo. The Echo Dot is a hands-free device that acts as a voice-controlled means of managing several smart-home devices. This includes electrical switches, thermostats and lights; you may even use it as an alarm clock by placing it in your bedroom. You may use Bluetooth for connecting it to your home speakers. You may even allow it to be connected with any audio cable. It will enable your users to use voice commands for controlling their home stereo systems. This device can be ordered by members of the Amazon Prime through Alexa Voice Shopping. All you need to pay for this device is worth USD $89.99. On the other hand, Amazon Tap is the Wifi speaker and Bluetooth that’s Alexa-enabled and portable in nature. It uses the same voice-recognition system for performing multiple tasks like playing music from services like Spotify or placing pizza orders. The speaker can be pre-ordered by paying an amount of $129.99. It’s set to be launched on March 31.

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