Google to process numerous copyright takedown requests at once

Google to process numerous copyright takedown requests at once

Google is trying hard to protect copyrighted content of late.

Posted:Mar 09,2016

Google has witnessed an increase in requests from copyright holders to remove links that have long been alleged of infringing content. The search giant is restricting search results that point to such copyright infringing content. Around 76 million requests to hide from search result URLs leading to infringing content have been reported during the last month. Google is one of the most popular options for searching things over the internet, regardless of whether you’re looking for certain information or products. Although you may come across numerous legitimate sites while surfing the web, there are a good number of other websites that resort data piracy. These sites may eventually witness a loss in revenue and goodwill while pursued legally by the copyright holder. Pirate sites would often contribute towards generation of malware; Google understands this and are ranking these sites down in the SERPs. Search results depicted by Google will reflect a lower rank for these sites depending on the takedown requests. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act governs the takedown requests after it came into effect in 1998. Companies that claim their copyright to be violated will need to fill out a request form in this regard. It takes Google about six hours to process these request forms.

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