Dropbox begins using in-house technology

Dropbox begins using in-house technology

Dropbox is using a more advanced technology to serve users in a better way. The company's in-house technology has seen it edge past problems posed by Amazon cloud.

Posted:Mar 15,2016

Dropbox has begun shifting to their in-house technology from their age old practice of using Amazon cloud for storing user files. One of their latest blog posts reveals updates on how Dropbox utilizes their custom-built infrastructure for keeping and serving data of more than 90 percent of their users. Dropbox stores metadata and content of files concerning users. Certain hybrid architecture is followed by this service, wherein the data centers maintain Web servers for storing metadata. Dropbox has begun developing its own storage system following a natural growth that led through an initial launch during the Q1 of 2015. By the end of Q4, the in-house infrastructure was in place to serve user data worth 90 percent. The main factors behind this move have been the demand for customization and performance.

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