Instagram to raise popular posts instead of following the chronological order

Instagram will soon be following a new feed order. Things are likely to be presented in a more interesting way for the regular viewers.

Posted: Mar 16,2016

Instagram users aren’t able to use about 70% of what their feeds show. This includes great photos depicting posts and likes shared by their friends. According to Instagram, they will show posts as per the interests shared by the target audience that reflects the timeliness of such posts and the bonding between the poster and his audience. Through the initial phase, the testing will go a bit slower than usual. The order of posts could be changed while keeping all posts intact. An entirely different process will be followed for filtering out the low quality posts. The feeds need to be checked every day; you might be surprised to find a photo of your vacation at the top even when you’ve Like-posted it hours ago. Facebook’s feed works in a specific way and the Twitter feed has been reconfigured of late.

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