Google urges Android mobile users to utilize the RCS messaging app

Google wants all android mobile users to change the way of messaging over their latest android devices. That's one reason why they have come up with the dedicated RCS client.

Posted: Mar 18,2016

A large section of android users keep on changing messaging services due to their fragmented and complex nature. In comparison, the iOS devices enable users to write Apple iMessage in a much simpler way by following their universal app approach. Google acknowledges the requirement to improve android device messaging services. Rich Communications Services are provided by Jibe Mobile, which is currently owned by Google. When it comes to android devices, a dedicated RCS client is being developed by Google. Launching of the client isn’t quite clear even when the details shared during I/O conference are speculated by a few reports. Google wants the RCS app to be used by a user soon after his purchase of a new android device. Owners of the older devices are likely to download this app from the Google Play store. This app is known to work well with the MMS and SMS services.

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