Microsoft’s Bug Bounty Program to include OneDrive

Microsoft’s Bug Bounty Program to include OneDrive

The bug bounty program had undergone several modifications since the last one year. This year also some new developments are seen in this regard.

Posted:Mar 21,2016

Microsoft has announced the inclusion of OneDrive within their Bug Bounty Program. The announcement was a major attraction for participants of the CanSecWest conference. The tech giant has agreed to fix issues concerning their online cloud storage by paying any amount up to $15,000. The Microsoft representatives have recently been updated on the six new issues concerning their Windows OS. All of these vulnerabilities have been the outcomes of system-level exploits caused by the Pwn2Own contestants. Researchers have identified 2 new flaws with the Edge and Chrome browsers. Last year Microsoft had added Azure to this program. Hackers have already leveraged vulnerabilities concerning Windows memory corruption to a great extent. In order to get the .Net core vulnerabilities resolved quickly, the researchers have been promised any amount up to $15,000.

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