Twitter links can again be opened in Safari

Twitter links can again be opened in Safari

Safari users will no longer need to worry about accessing Twitter links. The latest OS update has brought some good news for the Mac users.

Posted:Mar 22,2016

Apple has produced an update for the OS X although the company is skipping Mac for quite some time. Twitter links haven’t been opening in Safari due to a bug, which recently got fixed with the latest EI Capitan update. Whenever the users clicked on the shortened Twitter links, the Safari bug forced the links to hang and generated engaging discussions in Apple forums. When it comes to using photo apps and messages bearing live photos, the users are likely to find a better option with the EI Capitan 10.11.14. It’s become much easier to AirDrop photos bearing gif-like images for these 2 operating systems. In order to keep your thoughts protected, each entry can now be password-protected with the help of Notes app. This app provides you with the option called “Import Notes”, which enables you to shift data from Evernote and other services. Those who are using EI Capitan run by Mac OS will soon be able to access OS X 10.11.14.

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