Software security demands a change in perspective

Software security demands a change in perspective

Developers are working towards resolving issues concerning source code bugs that have kept them on their toes for more than a decade.

Posted:Mar 28,2016

Source code bugs have caused a lot of problems for software users since the inception of computers. A majority of users have witnessed security incidents, exploits and attacks associated with these bugs. Software tools have always been an important aspect of our business and personal lives. The impact of software bugs has increased in multiple folds as compared to the last decade. Services related to internet and networking have largely been affected by these source code bugs. Linux mint and Juniper are among network service providers that had to deal with the privacy concerns of numerous users. Most of the practices and technologies concerning source code security haven’t been updated with the advent of technology. Developers involved in creating source code security products are throwing light on the need to change the old perceptions and perspectives. They are working towards identifying the actual flaws and challenges prior to releasing every software product.

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