Silicon Valley startups are in a hiring spree

Silicon Valley startups are in a hiring spree

Posted:Mar 29,2016

In comparison to 113 jobs posted by Dropbox, some 158 new jobs from Uber have surfaced within the Bay area. These jobs aren’t meant for cab drivers. About 9 new jobs have also been posted by Zenefits. Various sales intelligence companies have come up with reports suggesting new jobs being posted by about 100 companies based in Silicon Valley. A majority of these startups are being termed as Unicorns that have assets worth a billion dollars or more. In the recent times, Silicon Valley has witnessed a little over 1500 IT jobs being posted by these startups. By following the strong fundamentals established by the IT leaders, the unicorns have succeeded in recruiting professionals with more expertise of late. While a good number of employers aren’t looking for engineers, most of them have come up with open IT positions like data engineers and copywriters. Among other employers, you’ll have open IT positions for web designers and developers.

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