Apple to extend battery capacity of its mobile devices

Apple to extend battery capacity of its mobile devices

Apple users will now have the assurance of an increased battery life with all new products.

Posted:Mar 30,2016

Apple hasn’t been able to come up with devices that ensure a longer battery life. The company is on the verge of changing this image. Their research and development team is currently developing a new set of batteries that would extend the battery life for multiple wearable and mobile devices besides Macs. This team is all set to improve the latest lithium-ion architectures of Apple. Apple’s job listings for the past 2 months reflect the necessities of their team towards improving their battery technologies. Currently they are hiring material testing pros besides material scientists. Job listings have also been posted for electrolyte and electrode specialists; this gives us a clear indication that their team monitoring advancements in development of electrolytes, anodes and cathodes that constitute battery building blocks. Apple is laying stress on ceramic in the form of electrolyte. This has been tested in the labs to yield safer batteries that yield quick charging. Apple is even hiring for upgrading their factory employees with their lab based technology.

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