Oculus comes up with the VR app store for developers

Oculus comes up with the VR app store for developers

The Oculus Store is likely to provide a fair share of all games to Oculus. By the year 2020, revenues worth $30 billion could be generated quickly within the market.

Posted:Mar 31,2016

It takes about a single week for the Oculus Rift headset to go on sale. The VR Company has ensured that they will have much content for people that plug in rifts for the first time. When it comes to distributing games among developers, the Game Developers Conference had witnessed a panel being held by the Facebook subsidiary. This in turn is likely to help studios explain the manner in which a game is supposed to be released for the Samsung Gear VR and Rift. Oculus has considered a wholesome process that helps studios initiate development and move till he products get live. The presentation allows Oculus engineers to throw light on the ways in which early builds can be shared by developers. Oculus games can be sold through websites. Once the final product gets shipped it will help generate income. It all begins when the Oculus accounts are signed by developers. Studios may begin releasing games through multiple channels on the store. Most of the release avenues may be used by creators that are testing some versions of the game. An Oculus game developer may associate the alpha channel with a media outlet or YouTube personality instead of sharing raw files concerning an Oculus game. An email containing a link for redeeming this game will be shared with the person. There’s this option to revoke or update access in case the developer wants to do it.

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