4 Programming languages that are in demand

4 Programming languages that are in demand

Few programming languages are always in demand with employers. While the programming needs keep changing with time, few languages are continue to remain important.

Posted:Apr 06,2016

4 programming languages that the employers are looking for:

Acquiring programming skills have become a must for a majority of jobs offered within the IT industry. You might find it necessary to do a bit of coding if you’re truly inclined in pursuing a lucrative and fast expanding career. Here comes your challenge- identifying the programming languages that are currently in demand within the job market.

1. Python

Monty Python has inspired the name of this language, which is utilized for a general purpose. Python has a close resemblance with the English language is seem quite comprehensive for developers. Regardless of whether you’re a senior professional or a mere beginner, Python will always prove to be handy with you. When it comes to introductory language courses, Python has proven to be the worthy successor of Java. The language has already been preferred by a number of computer science departments that teach coding to beginners. You’re likely to come across a number of Python libraries that are closely associated with natural processing besides being linked with mathematics. Python has been used in eminent company websites like that of Reddit and NASA.

2. PHP

PHP wasn’t meant to be any programming language. Initially, this language was meant to assist Rasmus Lerdorf for maintaining his personal home page and hence the name. The modern version of PHP (Hypertext Pre-Processor) is used for scripting while developing HTML web pages which run on the server. New programmers find it easier to learn PHP, and that’s perfectly the reason behind its immense popularity. For programmers that are more experienced, PHP has a lot of advanced features on offer.

3. Ruby on Rails

Ruby has a close resemblance with both C and Java, although it’s mostly related to web programming. Ruby finds a good framework in Rails. Alongside quick development, there are a few other positive qualities associated with Ruby on Rails. This language doesn’t involve developers into a more detailed form of coding. You’ll find a number of 3rd party libraries to consult when it comes to learning Ruby. Ruby on Rails has often been used by big enterprises besides small start-ups. A few web applications that are known for using Ruby belong to Living Social, Twitter and Hulu.

4. iOS/Swift

Swift is the programming language that Apple had invented for iOS in the year 2014. The killer app was developed by OS X and iOS developers. Developers that have been engaged in coding with Objective-C and C++ will often find a similarity between Swift and some of their other programming languages. Swift has been adopted by companies like LinkedIn and American Airlines quickly and this language will be used more extensively in the future years.

All efficient craftsmen have a wide variety of tools in their collection. Most of these tools have a significant use under specific circumstances. You can’t rely on a single programming language for years. Most of these languages will change and improve with the advancement of time. For those of you that wish to become a developer, it’s good to acquire knowledge on a number of programming languages. It will allow you to be more adaptable and versatile with the situation and allow you to master these languages as you step forward.

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