Cover letter strategies can help fetch more interviews

Cover letter strategies can help fetch more interviews

A cover letter carries the first impression of a jobseeker. A short but strong cover letter suffices his purpose of getting shortlisted.

Posted:Apr 06,2016

Do you really need to use a cover letter? You’ll come across clients that will ask this question time and again. This is certainly a very important question that can act as the key determining factor in landing your interview. The traditional cover letter is not in use any more; you may seek clarification from experts prior to using one.

Few strategies for writing a cover letter might do the trick:

The opening line shouldn’t read “Dear Hiring Manager”. The advent of technology enables you to spare a few minutes of your time for checking the contact information of a person who acts as the decision maker, interviewer and recruiter for the open IT position that’s being pursued. While doing your research, you may check out LinkedIn and find out more about the person concerned. Your cover letter should be addressed to that person.

Remember a few things while doing your research:

In your attempt to know more about the person your cover letter is addressed, you’ll need to gather more information on the mission of the company you’ve chosen to work for. Other vital information may include knowing more about your preferred department and the culture of the company. Establish a clear connection between your own brand and the way it suits your desired position, culture and organization.

Provide the right solution:

You shouldn’t stop after you’ve figured out the right person for sending the cover letter. Try and walk an extra mile towards finding the challenges associated with your prospective employer. Identify their immediate pain point and biggest requirement. Rope in a solution for them by using a couple of points that depict the possible outcomes. Check out a few instances shown by professional resume writers and you’ll find a clue.

Opt out of the old cover letter:

The cover letter that you visualize in your head even today is not in use with the IT jobseekers. You won’t get any favors out of those cover letters that feel boring, engage in telling your life-story and seem far stretched. You won’t need to remember the fluff anymore; make it short and simple. All you need to write should be within 150 words. Employers don’t have much time to spend on your cover letter.

Don’t forget that they might even read through your cover letter while using their cell phone. Make sure your entire cover letter shows up on their cell phone screen; they shouldn’t have to scroll down. Eliminate information that doesn’t seem essential. Your cover letter needs to be concise, clean and lean. Trim words till you have 150 words for roping it all.

Ending your cover letter with a call to action often proves more effective. Remember this even while writing your e-notes and proposition letters. Suggest discussing things over a chat session, and the employers might just like it.

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