Developers experience easier automation for Jenkins 2.0

Developers experience easier automation for Jenkins 2.0

Posted:Apr 07,2016

Developers have succeeded in improving much in terms of creating user-friendly interfaces. The advent of technology has helped in upgrading various software platforms both in terms of delivery and integration. Jenkins 2.0 is one of them wherein the Pipeline subsystem allows users to explain functions and run automated processes while running test checks regularly.

The user interface and delivery pipeline is likely to undergo a change of appearance with this Jenkins upgrade. It will enable users perform all important tests simultaneously.  

Pipeline as Code is the name given to the much known capability. Besides being a part of a new plug-in set by default, it turns the whole setup experience more flexible.  While coding through production, it simplifies automation via pipelines. The pipeline feature feels more important for Jenkins 2.0 with the latest upgrade. You’ll now be able to define your pipeline process right from the beginning. Once your Pipeline is modeled, it will be executed against the definition of Pipeline created by you. When it comes to specific functions, you’ll be able to reuse, version and store the pipelines.

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