Social media content helps in IT hiring

Social media content helps in IT hiring

Few important steps need to be followed in order to make the most of social media for hiring IT candidates.

Posted:May 26,2016

Social recruitment has improved a lot during the last one decade. The latest approach taken up by a number hiring agencies includes techniques and trends based on advertising.

Candidates need to educate themselves with time and they don’t want things to be sold to them without a reason. In case they consider you as a trusted advisor, then they are more likely to engage with you.

Improve your sourcing activity

All you need to find out is whether your recruitment team is investing enough time on your advertisement driven approach. If you’ve answered in an affirmative, you’re actually missing out on the main opportunities of engaging your target audience and influencing their ideas.

You’re bound to generate a couple of powerful punches when you integrate videos, webinars and blog posts that seem informative. You’ll need to place specific content over the internet. Your sourcing activity should include content marketing as a vital component. You’ll certainly need to find out the best way of doing this.

Strategies to create engaging content that helps social recruiting:

1. Develop a plan

Building an effective content marketing plan is your first step. Efficient planning helps in defining your benchmarks, competitors, marketing goals, main differentiators and target audiences.

For every sourcing and recruiting effort, you must develop a separate strategy with the help of your distribution plan and editorial calendar. It’s natural for you to look for prospects across online forums and communities. Identify opportunities for cross-promoting content through your emails and tweets by establishing links to webinars, videos, slides and blog posts. 

2. Personalize content

In order to increase the interests of tech professionals through various phases of recruitment, you must create content that’s both personal and unique. Your employment brand is used as a means of connection for your recruitment drives, which involves conducting interviews.

It’s very much possible for you to identify the interests of your hiring managers and jobseekers through frequent interactions with them.  In order to acquire a continuous flow of market ideas and intelligence, you may consider former hiring managers, candidates and employees for creating an advisory panel. Much of your content and messaging can be developed and promoted by a few evangelists.

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