App store review guidelines have been updated by Apple

App store review guidelines have been updated by Apple

Posted:Apr 22,2016

The App store review guidelines have once more been updated by Apple. A number of new developers have been involved in the latest iOS 9.3 release. Expectancy of the latest update seemed high now that 6 months have passed since the last update. The new section 10.8 seems more significant as it becomes necessary to provide a reason for background location services to be used by the apps. In spite of mentioning the HIG, the actual reason behind this seems unknown.

The iOS 9.3. has even incorporated a value addition in the form of Apple Music API concerning the section 30. The Apple Music library can now accommodate and play music with the help of third party apps enabled by the new API as stated in the launch note of iOS 9.3. Certain minor additions have been included in the update that mentions the latest Apple products.

A fresh set of documents have been published by Apple for rendering assistance to developers that are working towards the growth of the iOS platform. These documents possess guidance on how the developers can create and introduce new software via the Apple App store.

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